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Dear Sir/Madam,

'This is a special invitation to join the family of Chitravana Resorts by becoming a member.

'Chitravana Resorts, H.D.Kote Road (Manandavadi Road) Mysore is a nature's own abode.

A virgin forest converted in to a resort in 2005 with additional inputs for its visual ecstasy. Based on the philosophy of Nirvana, Chitravana is designed to quiten the mind and not to stimulate the senses as tropical gardens tend to do. According to the concept, gardens have curved pathways on the basis of the belief that only evil travels in straight lines and good forces tend to wander. An odd number of plants or trees are used in this garden since this numbers are considered auspicious. The colours here comes from the shades of green rather than reds or oranges. The entire garden should not be seen at a glance and there should always be a question like what's behind the bush? The garden is natural, asymmetrical, having sudden ups and downs, open places and water ponds. And of course, the tranquility that comes with it.

Chitravana is a lungs Space for Mysore, There are about 600 varieties and more than 10,000 numbers of plants and trees at Chitravana Resorts and it is an education for the children in particular about the plants, insects and birds. Chitravana mirrors Hundreds of paintings.

Oxygen is the food for the brain. Every person needs 2.73KG's of oxygen per day.Chitravana and its surroundings is producing 350 KG of oxygen per day.

Now the management of Chitravana Resorts has started inviting the membership of 200 nos. for the period of five years for the nature lovers and who enjoy utmost in the nature. Here is a concept of membership at affordable tariff by every one who loves the nature.

A Bird's Eye view of the membership benefits

A Bird's Eye view of the membership benefits

Corporate - Rs.1,00,000/- Diamond - Rs.50,000/- Gold - Rs.25,000/- For Corporate Membership 15 free stays for Diamond Card Membership 8 free stays and for Gold Card Membership 4 free stays will be provided along with food (2 meals and 1 breakfast) for the entire family (wife -husband and 2 children below nine years) in a year. The present tariff of the cottage is Rs.4500/- per day with breakfast, which will be offered as free stays for the members.

Other benefits for the members :

You can use the free stays at the resort on a guest house concept and you can conduct yearly family get-together. You can conduct birthday parties and wedding anniversaries, just paying for the food and not for any comforts by using the free stays of the memberships. Members can use the free stay for their family or for their guests also. If the amount paid for is calculated it is paid for the food cost and stays are free.

Swimming pool, Cycling, Kinder garden, Boating, Games, Walking, Jogging everything will be at free of cost and also entrance free. . Many cultural programme will be conducted by the management of Chitravana yearly on Chitravana's anniversary day and members and their family will be recognized for their talents.

50% discount will be given for the members for the utilization of swimming pool throughout the year. 20% discount on food, massage and for functions/parties conducted at Chitravana Resorts by the members.

The membership concept is created to make the nature lovers flock in a beautiful world by the artist N.Raghavendra Murthy who is also the owner of the Chitravana Resorts. Outsiders are already thronging up on this membership to enjoy the world of Chitravana.

It is an opportunity for you to have a membership to become a member of Chitravana family. If you are interested you can call No. 9844125131 or 9341602600, and our people will meet you regarding the details of the memberships.

memberships. Since memberships are very limited to 200 Nos. Hurry up! To reserve your membership. Thanking you.

Chitravana Resorts raising membership to the Nature lovers for their
enjoyment at Chitravana Resortsas mentioned below

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